CrystalSC (crystalsc) wrote in grease_icons,

4 icons

+ Do not alter - textless icons are NOT bases
+ Please Comment - if snagging, please tell me which #'s 
+ Enjoy!

12 BtVS
5 David Boreanaz
9 Elvis Presley
12 Ewan McGregor
4 Grease
4 Clive Owen
2 Rock Music
7 James Dean/ Rebel Without A Cause
4 Misc Retro
11 Audrey Hepburn
14 Jensen Ackles/Supernatural


This means so much to me. Because I KNOW now that you respect me.
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Just a question for someone who seems active in the fandom: I have a new community, grease_ltng, for Grease text - fanfic, discussions, whatever. Where would be the best place to spread the word about it?

Thanks for the help!